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Rodeo History

iMay 15, 2018

Rodeo was first introduced to  North America by Mexican explorers in the late 1680s.  Mexican explores moved from one Hispanic territory to another eventually spreading their culture and heritage to the Americans and Canadians.
It was in the latter half of 1880’s that the explorers tradition was introduced to the Canadian prairies.  The cowboy culture was very much ideal for Alberta country side which is dominated by flat land which is ideal for farming and ranching.

The first official Canadian rodeo was held in Raymond, Alberta in 1903.  This rodeo was sponsored and endorsed by Raymond Knight thus naming the event Raymond Stampede.

It was later in 1912 that the Calgary Stampede was created by four other stockholders. It was the success of the Calgary Stampede that led the way to other cities across Canada and Alberta hosting similar events. It was only natural that Brooks would also join the tradition of hosting rodeo events.

This year Brooks Rodeo will be held from June 8- 9th.  The rodeo route will be begin at the Kinsman Hall (old rodeo ground) going towards City Hall. If you need further details please go on  www.brookskinsmen.ca find Rodeo Parade Information.
BCIS will be part of this year parade please come and say ‘hi’ to us.